Psychoeducational Assessments and Psychoeducational Testing

Understanding your child’s strengths and weaknesses can help you prepare your child for success. Dr. Sutera performs psychoeducational testing in the form of neuropsychological evaluations, assessment of learning disorders, social/emotional evaluations, and personality assessments to facilitate treatment of developmental difficulties and learning differences in children in Fairfield County, Connecticut. During a psychoeducational assessment, Dr. Sutera collaborates with teachers, therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, parents, and clients directly to develop a holistic understanding of each client’s learning and personality profile, as well as their environment and unique history. These assessments are individualized and focus on the key areas of concern to develop a greater understanding of how clients function and how they can expand on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. In addition to performing psychoeducational testing on her clients, she performs personality assessments and works closely with school staff and other providers to achieve a complete picture of the client in order to provide practical recommendations that can be realistically implemented.

Upon completion of the assessment, Dr. Sutera presents the results in a manner that clients and their families can understand. She presents effective treatment options and educational programs which capitalize on their abilities. Her comprehensive, collaborative, strength-based approach enables Dr. Sutera to develop action plans that can easily be implemented into her clients’ personal and educational environments. This approach enables Dr. Sutera to establish an effective and efficient treatment plan for her clients’ success. Contact Dr. Sutera today to discuss your needs.

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