Common Referral Questions

Common questions that a psychological evaluation can answer:

  • Are my child’s social difficulties related to anxiety, temperament, or an autism spectrum disorder?
  • Does my child have ADHD?
  • Is my child performing to his/her potential?
  • Why is my child having difficulty learning to read?
  • Does my child have a learning disorder?
  • Are emotional factors, such as anxiety, preventing my child from showing his/her true capabilities?
  • Is my child ready for preschool?
  • What are some strategies my child and I can use to help with homework completion?
  • What areas of learning should be a target of intervention for my child?
  • How much of my child’s disruptive behavior in class is a result of lack of inhibition versus disregard for the classroom rules?
  • What can we do in the classroom and at home to increase my child’s success?